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Driver’s license

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What to draw attention to?

Residence Permit

Without a residence permit in Ukraine, the foreigner can not enroll in a driving school and pass an driving test.

Driving school

In order to be able to take out a driver's license, you must go to the driving school.

Taking the exam in the police

After receiving the entire package of documents and successful passing of the driving school it is necessary to pass the exam.

Personal presence

All these steps must be done by a foreigner in person.

Stages of obtaining a driving license in Ukraine for foreigners

  • 1 Complete the consultation request
  • 2 We will give you detailed information within one hour
  • 3 Obtaining a certificate of residence in Ukraine
  • 4 Enrollment in a car school course
  • 5 Taking the exam at the center of the Ministry of Interior
  • 6 In this situation you are a wonderful owner of a driver's license card!

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Legal group consult - a team of professionals specializing in various areas of law, including legal aid for foreigners in Ukraine and protection of their rights. Our team has extensive experience in the field of migration law in Ukraine, but we can professionally and effectively assist in documentation in Ukraine, including driving license. Objectively assessing all the hazards that exist for you - recommended to our team.

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How to legally make a Ukrainian driver's license

Over the last few years, the receipt procedure has been skipped in Europe Passport ID card for both foreigners and residents. Except Problems in receiving documents are also issues related to receipt driving license. In Europe it is very careful to face the drivers and they are Punished for the smallest violation while driving. That is why our team It offers you help to get the driver's license card for foreigners on Ukraine.

Why should foreigners get a driving license in Ukraine?

We note that the legislation of Ukraine has not clearly defined how a foreigner can get a driving license in Ukraine. Qualified lawyers can Tell you about the order of the course taught by a foreigner and The rest of the exams do not differ from the order of the given course by the Ukrainians. The difference lies only in the list of necessary documents. Passenger ID card on Ukraine for foreigners is possible only on the basis of the presence of documents on a stay which contains information on the registration of such residence (Check). Such documents are the authenticity card of the residence of the resident of permanent or temporary principle. For a foreigner who wants to receive a driving license You should take the following steps:
  • Receive a validation of the place of residence in Ukraine.
  • Take the full course of study at a car school;
  • Successfully pass the exam at a car school;
  • Pass the full medical examination that is necessary for the driver;
  • Pass the tests in the police and pass the practical exam.

Proof of residence is a document confirming a person citizen of a foreigner or person without citizenship and confirming receipt by this person is a temporary residence permit. According to Art. 4 and Art. 5 of the Law of Ukraine "On legal status aliens and non-citizens "right to receive temporary Residents of residence are aliens and non-citizens who are residents they came to Ukraine for:

  • employments;
  • study / teaching;
  • family connection with people who are Ukrainian citizens or foreigners (person without citizenship) who have a validation of residence in Ukraine.
  • Marriage with a citizen of Ukraine;
  • Participation in the implementation of registered technical assistance projects international;
  • Propagating religious teachings, performing religious or other rites canonical activity on the basis of the invitation of a religious organization, Agreed with the authority that carried out the registration of the organization (peripheral state administration or the Ministry of Culture);
  • Participation in subsidiaries, divisions, subsidiaries, and other subdivisions Structural social (unstructured) organizations of foreign countries, registered according to the specified order.
  • Works in registered subsidiaries of foreign companies.
  • Works in registered foreign banks' representations.
  • Conducting scientific, cultural, educational activities on the basis of and in accordance with the order established by international agreements of Ukraine or special programs.

A list of the basics for obtaining a temporary residence confirmation though is wide, but in a sense limited. But our team will help first of all All in receipt of residence documents and thanks to our State aid will not have trouble obtaining a driver's license card. Once again we inform you that in Ukraine without authentication regarding the place Residence and registration can not be obtained on a legally valid basis.

Every conscious citizen should realize that no one can instead States and without the presence of the State to draw up your driving license and documents place of residence. In Ukraine this procedure is a personal compulsory participation. Therefore, you should not consent to the offers of sending documents by road mail because it is different than just a printed ID card with which you will be drive a car and replace it with polish.

Can you drive a car in Europe on the basis of Ukrainian legitimacy driving?

Not so long ago in Poland was passed a law, which recognizes the legitimacy of law driving many countries. Among the post-Soviet countries, driving license cards are valid The following countries are recognized in the Republic of Poland: Belarus, Russia, Tajikistan and Ukraine. Thanks to the fact that the driving license cards that are issued on Ukraine, are recognized in Poland, so it is possible to exchange them and you can enjoy From cars of a certain category within the territory of the European Union. If man uses Ukrainian driver's license card, he can apply it on the territory of Poland Especially during the first six months, then it should be listed on Polish driver's license card.

How to exchange Ukrainian driver's license for Poland? Exchange of the Ukrainian driver's license card in Poland is an automatic principle, without exams. Please contact your local authority. Prior to replacement collect the necessary documents for carrying out the Ukrainian exchange procedure driver's license card for Poland.

How to pass a driver's license in Ukraine?

Without authentication of the place of residence, check-in, study at school car and passing the driver's test at the service center of the Ministry of Affairs Internal Ukraine is impossible, and so impossible to obtain legitimacy of the law driving. If there is no way to waste time on such nuances, and are immediately needed Documents should be consulted by legal experts, ie by us. We will provide you with the quickest way to complete the process of obtaining a legitimacy driving license in the territory of Ukraine.